1. Regular supply of work to Sub-contractors

GBplus is determined to take the motto "regularly providing work to subcontractors, minimizing waiting time" as a strategic goal. he specific solution is to consider coordinating the Subcontractor between adjacent or suitable construction sites to ensure the highest rate of labor utilization in a flexible form so that the Subcontractor can rest assured to focus on the implementation of the project. Executing construction contracts, reducing the burden of finding jobs.

2. Training support

Aiming at the goal of “Combining benefits – Accompanying development” GBplus supports to improve management and technical capacity by providing knowledge and training support for subcontractors. Accordingly, employees of Subcontractors who work with GBplus will enjoy training policies and support skills training, improve professional qualifications through internal and external training courses, seminars to share knowledge, experiences,…

3. Payment incentives

GBplus approves the Subcontractor to make the maximum advance when signing the contract. Release of reservations immediately after settlement or when a new contract is available.

4. Recruitment support

GBplus‘ Human Resources Department will assist the Subcontractor in recruiting technical staff (when required) to improve the management qualifications.

5. Equipment support

GBplus will provide investment loans for construction equipment to serve the current work with reasonable loan rates and best incentives.

“Combining interests – Accompanying development”

Becoming a sub-contractor of GBplus, you not only get to work in a professional, dynamic and creative environment, but also receive many preferential policies and best support..