About GBplus

“Regardless of the field, GBplus is constantly thinking and continuously improving, innovating and innovating to bring effective solutions, creating the highest quality, best services and products and bring surplus value to Customers. It does not only stop with products that are buildings and factories that are bigger, taller and sustainable at the same time, but also in the strategic vision of a strong brand where all works is done on the spirit of duty with Customers, with Partners, with Colleagues and with the Community. Listening and meeting Customers’ expectations transparently and creatively are the keys of building a lasting relationship of trust. From Design to Operation, GBplus always tries to achieve more customers’ satisfaction: Motivation for You to go further with us “Always Forward”. – CEO Tran Buu Long

With the goal of becoming one of the leading general construction contractors in Vietnam according to professional orientation on people, management and deployment process, modernization of equipment, applying science, technique, and advanced technology in construction to meet the technical requirements, the most strict demands of safety, quality, schedule and cost of each project, from small to big, from simple to complex in the field of industrial and civil construction, and to create quality works, fine arts, green buildings, towards sustainability, health, productivity and success of customers. GBplus has constantly built, developed and affirmed its brand with many domestic and foreign Investors and Partners.

With the aim of optimizing the supply chain of the construction industry, GBplus has built an ecosystem to provide services and goods to create a chain of value-added benefits for Customers & Partners, in which GBplus does not only an independent brand but also is GBplus’ Ecosystem Platform: GBcons (Project Design & Construction)/GBDecor (Interior Design & Construction)/ GBsmarthome (Smart Equipments & System)/GBeco (Green Environment & Renewable Energy)/ GBpro (Real Estate Operation & Management – Development). GBplus is constantly developing and expanding, creating sustainable chains, a preeminent ecosystem to develop and reach the market.

With GBplus for each project, we not only aim to complete every m2 of construction floor to hand over to customers, but also to create finished products according to all work items so that the finished products not only meet the requirements of the construction industry and the needs of customers, but also ensure the product quality during the handover process until commissioning because we always treat our projects as brainchild that created and taken care by GBplus. For us, every project is also a milestone in the journey of building trust and brand of GBplus.

At GBplus, we always follow closely the motto of Transparency, Clarity, Safety and Effectiveness in work. For all projects, we always put all our enthusiasm and responsibility in the quality of works, construction progress and pay attention to labor safety and environmental protection in order to build the trust for investors to GBplus by our construction capacity as well as professional style. With a professional working process, consulting services to understand customers and creative thinking ability of a group including professional design experts and engineers and skilled workers with enthusiasm, years of experience in construction, electrical engineering, and interior decoration, we qualify for completing a project from steps of consultancy, design, construction, management to operation and maintenance, etc. We also understand that to achieve the success of a project we must have the trust and companionship of our Esteemed Customers and Partners.

Over the years, GBplus has constantly strived to bring best services to customers. We understand that the belief and satisfaction of customers are the key factors for the existence & development of businesses. Thus, we constantly strive to improve our capacity, update technologies in our country and all around the world to provide customers with the best &most professional services to meet the growing demand for high quality services in Vietnam. GBplus is confident to commit to the following criteria: “On schedule – Construction quality – Cost saving and Environmental friendliness for all participating projects through the method of Design & Build.



Become a top-class corporation in the project development & construction industry specializing in providing solutions and services for eco-friendly design, construction, building materials & and energy…. We are continually aiming to constantly improve our brand as general construction contractor known for qualified residential and high-rise residential projects as well as industrial and trading projects. We never ease to strive for building standards, trust and our reputation through our products and services.


Our commitment is to operating in a manner that is environmentally and socially responsible and creates the benefit of the community. GBplus’ goal is to build long-term value for customers, partners, employees and operators as well as for society at large. Because the person we care about the most is you! And delivering high-quality projects and services that meet Clients’ expectations is our greatest pride.


Our values reflect our focus on customer satisfaction, the importance of employees to our success and our commitment to shared innovation.






Professional: From modern working equipment, spacious workplace, safe and clean environment to the working style of employees.

Transparent – Fair: We understand that in order to have the utmost dedication of all employees, the ensuring transparency – fairness from evaluating the personnel efficiency and competence to applying company’s policies must be guaranteed that all members of the company are equal. This is the prerequisite that we are always devoted to building, implementing and constantly improving.

Collaborative – Sincere: Managers always listen to and lead employees, colleagues are always willing to share and support; employees always trust, are open-minded and learn to accomplish together common goals.

Enthusiastic: dare to think – dare to do and always “burn” ourselves with all works and other activities to achieve the company’s goals.

We are constantly improving, updating and adding policies & welfare better and better with the expectation that our employees can be comfortable with on a longterm basis and GBplus is always the second family of every employee.

GBplus builds a working environment: Professional, Honest, Friendly, Enthusiastic and Fair by the creatingand developing of the company’s culture. GBplus always appreciates the importance of the human factor, has good remuneration and welfare policies, and creates development opportunities for employees to attach, promote their capacity, accompany and develop together with GBplus. REMUNERATION, WELFARE POLICY
We understand the value which employees bring to the company, so we often explore the labor market to have an appropriate and flexible compensation policy. In order for employees not to worry about accommodation and travel when working in remote places, we have the policiesof travel allowances, leave, renting accommodation and living facilities and serving full meals to ensure the comfort and good health for all employees working far from home in safety.


GBplus commits to carry out effectively the management of all aspects of health, safety and welfare, provide and create a safe workplace for all stakeholders, nearby regions and take responsibility to community & environment. All potential risks are prevented at each project. Therefore, we prepare, set up and manage our projects to give priority on the safety of construction workers, subcontractors, customers, visitors, all people at site and even anyone nearby the site.

Taking care of the health and safety of all our employees:
To exceed your expectations and deliver high-quality service, our teams must operate with peace of mind, in a safe environment. We are committed to complying with health and safety rules for the benefit of all our employees.

At the end of year 2020, GBplus continues to pass stringent evaluations and get approvals for achieving International Certificate of Integrated Management System ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 and completed the re-evaluation of ISO 45001:2018 issued by QMS CS and is considered one of the contractors in design and building of civil, commercial & industrial projects that meet the global standards for the latest occupational quality, environment & occupational health management systems. Certificate ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 are the important evidence of GBplus’ social commitment and responsibility through managing & controlling all internal activities, ensuring the safest working environment and also the motivation for GBplus to improve management system continuously to maximize the efficiency, safety & quality with the goal of bringing the best products and services to the market.


With GBplus, the project is only evaluated successfully when it meets work safety and effectiveness. GBplus’ project always comply with the requirements of Vietnamese law and the requirements of customers related to the dangers of Health, Safety, Security, Environment (H.S.S.E).
Manpower and equipment of GBplus are always followed and strictly complied with the requirements of the Occupational Safety Standards as well as the HSSE Managemt System that GBplus has built and committed to implement.
The implementation of labor safety at the construction sites which is directly controlled by H.S.S.E Supervisors & Construction Supervisors has been being deployed effectively by GBplus for many years. Safety Team always maintains the management system in accordance with GBplus’ Occupational Safety and Environmental Sanitation standards at the sites to ensure that all supervisors and employees work in the safest environment.


Before implementing each project, the H.S.S.E Committee organizes to train workers aiming at raising employees’ awareness about work safety. For each construction item, Board of Site Managers must strictly follow the procedures, perform analysis and assess possible risks, thereby taking effective preventive. Periodically, “Training Course on Fire Fighting & Fire revention and Rescue” is directly trained by the Police Department of Fire Prevention and Fighting at construction site and “Training Course on First Aid Techniques and Disaster Prevention” is taught by the Vietnam Red Cross cooperating with the H.S.S.E Committee’s medical staffs to check the health for all construction workers.





At GBplus, we confirm that sharing the gained benefit and profit with the community is our social responsibility and an integral part of building GBplus’ reputation. Therefore, we are committed to spend our time, resources and encourage our employees to participate in activities of local charity organizations.

GBplus is always willing to accompany local authorities and organizations to implement practical actions to aim at supporting & facilitating local economic development and share the benefit for less fortunate circumstances in society. We actively organize and participate in activities that contribute & share common benefit with the community.


Accompanying customers, GBplus always aims to solutions for issues related to sustainable economic development, through compliance of standards about environmental protection, gender equality, Labor Safety, rights & benefits, skills training and education for employees, community development,… in a way that benefits both the Company as well as the general development of society.

GBplus believes that the commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) will create a unified organization, improve reputation, and create important relations with the community in which the business operates, contributing to increase social welfare, ensure the existence and development of businesses.

Linking the value chain, accompanying sustainable green development

Understanding that the environment is an important determinant of the value of each project as well as the stature of the construction industry in Vietnam, GBplus commits to accompanying solutions of environmentally and friendly advanced “Green Building” construction; and applying renewable energy in projects.

During the construction process, GBplus always proactively offers solutions, advising the Owner on safe construction plans using resources efficiently, friendly with the environment and always taking the sustainability of the project, the ecological and social environment as the foundation.

We are committed to accompany the Investor in all “Green Building” projects, which require the highest environmental standards such as LEED, LOTUS, EDGE, Green Mark.