Connect, Connect and Emotional are levels recognized from GBplusers. New Year's Eve party 2020 with the theme “ALWAYS FORWARD” was held at the Restaurant – Lotus Central Hotel – District 1, Ho Chi Minh City on January 30th, 2021

📸  GBplus Year End Party 2020 – Always Forward Highlight Clip

Year End Party 2020 is not only a meeting of a collective, but also an extremely important moment when the whole team clasped hands together to connect the spirit of solidarity, looking back on the journey in the past year. We have come together, to make us more proud, motivated, to continue to reap more success for 2021.

GBplusers’ warm party night after a difficult year

GBplus Year End Party 2020 took place in a joyful and exciting atmosphere with exciting and exciting music, before that all CB-NV GBplus had burned with all their heart in the start-up program which was enthusiastically responded by Brothers and Sisters. full of emotions with the continuous games that are both brainstorming and exhausting, at the same time showing teamwork and solidarity overcoming difficulties, making the atmosphere before the year-end party hotter than ever.

The impressive Warm-Up Program “Refresh – Inhouse Team Building” at the beginning of the party with 4 parts: Warm-up – Challenges – Speed Up – Finish (based on the Format of Road to Olympia Program).

The exciting pitch and team division was led by MC Thien Phu – a handsome, enthusiastic, and passionate man

The extremely energetic “bandanna” brothers are ready to enter the first exam

Together with the atmosphere of Year End Party 2020, the boom came from the contest “Road to Olympia” of 03 teams, employees of the Departments, Boards and Construction sites participating in the competition. The repertoire requires both mental movement, ingenuity and health, but above all the coordination and solidarity, team work of the groups brought an extremely exciting atmosphere before the party.


WARM-UP with “brain tight” of the puzzle of Green Bee GBplus

Congratulation the fastest “Puzzle” Team

Different from the stressful and a bit serious image of the normal day on the office as well as the project, with the spirit of “Do your best – play your best”,  everyone is busy and enthusiastically participating in the games.

CHALLENGES –Together put the ball into the basket

SPEED UP with the ball and “kick” into the goal by “neck”

Review the tacos to FINISH

The exciting start-up program was an emotional evening with the ISO 9001: 2015 Integrated Quality Management System Certification Ceremony (Quality Management System) & 14001: 2015 (Management System). from QMS Group – a prestigious certification body in Australia with more than 26 representative offices worldwide.

Mr. Le Bao Luan – CEO of QMS Vietnam attended and awarded the Certificate of Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2015 & Environmental Management System 14001: 2015 to representative of GBplus.

Following the ceremony to receive ISO Certificate, GBplus was also pleased to welcome and introduce new members to GBplus in the fourth quarter of 2020, for the completion and improvement of the staff and development orientation in year 2021 coming. Mr. Vu Anh Phuong – Director of Cost & Bid Management Division, representing GBplusers who have just joined the GBplus Grand Family, had touching words about GBpluser & enthusiastic welcome during the meeting period. Enter and affirm everyone & determination for the realization and fulfillment of our upcoming 2021 goals with greetings All together towards a happy and successful 2021

Mr. Vu Anh Phuong – Human Resources Representative for Senior Management shares his determination to target in 2021

At 18:30, the Year End Party 2020 “Always Forward” of GBplus will open, this is one of the most important events of the Company to summarize a year full of efforts of GBpluser and an occasion enlightenment and connect the solidarity of the whole team.

The year 2020 has been a difficult year with epidemics and natural disasters worldwide, as well as economic fluctuations, along with many ups and downs of the Construction – Real Estate market in Vietnam. is a challenge and a test for businesses as well as the cohesion and efforts of the entire staff. But in difficulties we always find opportunities to clasp hands, to work together, and an opportunity to improve the apparatus, creating a stable foundation for progress after the market recovers, thereby in In the past year, despite facing many storms and storms, the GBplus boat still moved forward and overcame the main storms thanks to non-stop efforts, a strong belief to bring sustainable and tectonic values. position as a prestigious general contractor according to international standards.

Opening the Year End Party Program 2020, the entire audience can enjoy the “We Are Green Building” traditional song with the familiar “flag dance” and show the theme of the party “Always Forward” from the brothers of the Project Construction Department.

The brothers of Project Construction Department show a traditional “flag dance” with the theme of YEP 2021 “ALWAYS FORWARD”

All gathered in the warm atmosphere of a big family, looking back over the past year and listening to share the summary of business operations in 2020 as well as the development goals and orientations of GBplus in 2021. The moment that creates the most emotion for all CB-NV GBplus is Opening Clip “Always Forward”, everyone can look back at themselves in projects and activities with GBplus in the past year.

Speaking at the ceremony, CEO Tran Buu Long – Representative of the Board of Management, sincerely thanked all employees and investors, partners, and loyal customers for always accompanying the development of the Company. ty during the past time. He emphasized “In times of fluctuations and difficulties, it is an opportunity to look back, evaluate internal strengths, as well as find out the weaknesses to make adjustments and overcome in the principle of wooden crates to develop. develop and reach out.In addition, in the past year, GBplus has also demonstrated a high level of stability and stability, fulfilling the set goals that are thanks to unanimity and efforts. try and unite all GBpluser brothers and sisters here .. We can move slowly sometimes, we may fall, but we can always move forward and move forward. With that spirit, he wishes that all GBpluser will look forward to the new year with the spirit that every human being is a warrior, always moving forward, always having to overcome a challenging and challenging working environment, GBplus Constantly trying, constantly learning, perfecting themselves, constantly making efforts to improve labor productivity, elevate each member’s level, make a difference and bring practical value to all. Participants in the GBplus value chain, join hands unanimously, unite and try non-stop to bring GBplus forward and develop. End of speech he sent to distinguished guests and all employees of the Company. and family best wishes for a healthy, happy, happy new year!

CEO Tran Buu Long speaking at the party

CEO, Division Managers & Directors performed the opening ceremony.

CEO, Division Managers & Directors toast to congratulate

One of the indispensable contents in the Year End Party party is the honor and recognition of outstanding individuals & achievements in the past year, the factors that have not been afraid of difficult space, always determined in public work and contribute to the overall success of GBplus today and hope that all GBplusers will continue to accompany the Company to conquer more heights and achieve more brilliant success in the coming years. .

Ms. Tran Thi Thuy Nga – Senior Specialist of PR & Marketing Department, honored to receive the Honors Diploma and the Employee Award for Outstanding Achievement in 2020

The party night continued for more than 04 hours with the professionally invested and professionally organized program that really exploded and brought sublimation emotions to all of the attendees..

Ms. Trinh Nguyen Ngoc Quynh – Representative of the Board of Management awarded the prize to the winner team of “Road to Olympia” Contest

Program “Lucky draw”: RMany awards went to owners with logos of GBplus and of GBplus Eco systems hidden under each participants’ chairs.

The joy of being one of the luckiest party night

The night of the party is more and more later, becoming more attractive and thrilling with a challenging repertoire of 1-0-2 at a night of Year End Party: GBplus Integration Challenge on the most modern Kahoot online platform today. .

Intellectual challenge with the most modern online game today

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Hung – Director of Business Development Division awarded the award to 05 members who answered correctly and quickly.

The party atmosphere seemed to heat up, when MC Thien Phu called names of Lucky People for the category “Lucky draw”. The applause, loud laughter of the GBpluser when receiving valuable prizes

In particular, at the end of the program is the Pinata dam to congratulate the new year of Tan Suu 2021, with bills from 52 countries around the world hoping to bring full luck and fortune to all GBplusers.

Pinata Dam welcome lucky money

Inspiring moments of money

Radiant with the lucky “robbery” reward on hand

Everyone sang the song “Happy Together” together. It was a moment of clearly feeling the cohesion of each member of GBplus, determination and unanimity towards a common goal to bring GBplus further in 2021.

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Hung – Director of Business Development in the rhythm of “Happy Together”

All GBplusers clapped and hummed to the music

The end of the program is the presentation of gifts for the Company Tet Tan Suu 2021 and GBplus Trade Union acknowledging the contribution of CB-NV in the past year. Joy continues the joy shining on the faces of the brothers when they leave.

GBplusers collective congratulate the new year a lot of health and happiness

Year End Party 2020 is probably a memorable party night for GBplusers, the night where all of them have participated in the game, sitting together, holding hands, burning in the music of the lyrics. After all remaining in the memories of each member is a better understanding, closer relationship, and love for each other under a GBplus roof. And hidden deep in each member's heart, each member participates in a pride, a great driving force to develop himself, will make more efforts, together to bring the GBplus ship forward and reach out. Surely 2021 will be a booming year for GBplus with a new spirit – New goal – New endeavor: “ALWAYS FORWARD”.

GBplusers together look forward to 2021 with the spirit of “ALWAYS FORWARD”

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