Green Building Construction & Design Solutions Co., Ltd (GBplus) announced the appointment of new senior managers. On behalf of the Board of Members and the Board of Management of the Company, Mr. Tran Buu Long awarded the decision to appoint Mr. Vu Anh Phuong to hold the position of Head of Division, Manager of Budget and Expense Management (CMD)& Division. Contractor (PTD) and Mr. Bui Anh Ngoc hold the position of Block Director, manager of Construction Department (PCD) and Department of Labor Safety and Sanitation (HSSE), from the date of March 01st, 2021.

The addition of senior management personnel to meet the orientation and strategy of strengthening key leadership of the Company in order to well implement the goals of building and developing the Company in the coming time. In which, 2021 is the first pivotal year in the 5-year plan of production and business goals and development orientation of GBplus.

Mr. Vu Anh Phuong graduated from Construction and used to hold senior leadership positions in large corporations such as Hoa Binh Construction, Tan Ky, SunPro Group,…. With more than 18 years of experience in the Construction industry and in charge of Cost and Bid management, he is trusted by GBplus’ Board of Directors to run the Cost – Budget and Bidding Department by GBplus. As the key handle of GBplus, with strong expertise and a calm, meticulous and well-mannered personality, I hope he and GBplus’ team will reap even more success in this new role.

Mr. Vũ Anh Phương – Cost Management & Tender Director (CCTO)

Mr. Bui Anh Ngoc is currently in charge of GBplus’ Construction Manager. He has many years of experience working in the field of Construction – Supervision and Construction Management and has been with GBplus since the very first days. Before being appointed to a new position at GBplus, Mr. Ngoc used to hold management positions in many key projects of GBplus. The works in charge of him are always of outstanding quality, ensuring safety and committed progress. In his work, he always keeps the initiative and decisiveness, sincerity and reputation with partners, investors, suppliers and construction forces. Receiving a new position at GBplus, Mr. Ngoc will be in charge of all aspects of project management and implementation, construction execution and safety assurance and sanitation tasks at works.

Mr. Bùi Ánh Ngọc – HSSE & Project Construction Director (CPCO)

Developing high-quality human resources is the most important factor, playing a key role in the strategic direction to complete production and business plans and goals for 2021 and the following years of GBplus. On the basis of evaluating capacity, experience, ethics, responsibility and contributions to the Company, on behalf of GBplus’ Executive Board, Mr. Tran Buu Long – CEO of GBplus (CEO) sent congratulations to Mr. Vu Anh Phuong and Bui Anh Ngoc believe that with their new roles and new duties, they will devote their best abilities and talents and together with the Board of Directors and the Board of Management of GBplus, complete the tasks. delivery, outstanding development, improving brand value, building position and aiming for sustainable development in the coming time.

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